We aim for high standards of cleaning to provide a hygienic and healthy work space for your employees. A clean and organised work environment maximises productivity.  

**COVID-19 Peace of mind Guarantee**

  • We are offering stress free 3 monthly rolling contracts.

  • LOCK DOWN FREEZE OF CONTRACT - YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. If there is another lock down and your business operation ceases due to Covid-19 we will freeze your contract and you will not be charged.

  • Social distancing. We have introduced Blip, a mobile app which is an electronic tracking service when at work. Our staff use this to clock in and clock out. So we know exactly when they have arrived on your premises and when they leave.

  • Infection Control policy and COVID-19 risk assessment available for all sites. 

  • PPE: Gloves, aprons and goggles provided at all sites for cleaning operatives.

  • Bactericidal and virucidal chemicals used for cleaning. ECO friendly.

We provide all the necessary staff and materials/equipment during the period of your cleaning contract with us.

Commercial contract cleaning...


Your Rest Assured Guarantee with Britannia Integrated Services LTD...


  • Fully insured: Public liability insurance cover of up to £1, 000, 000.

  • Fully insured: Employers liability insurance cover of up to £5, 000, 000.

  • Cleaners have DBS checks and are fully trained.

  • BICSc colour coded cleaning methods used as a standard.

  • Disinfectants with bactericidal and virucidal activity used.

  • Adherence to CQC Regulation 15: Premises and equipment (Infection control and Cleanliness guidance).

  • Daily cleaning specification devised using Gold Standard guidance from BICSc, site specific to cater for your needs.

  • COSHH procedures/risk assessments/audit. 

  • Monthly audits of cleaning standards.*

  • RIDDOR 2013 adherence. 

  • Experienced and established process for managing TUPE (Transfer of undertakings, Protection of employment).

  • Access to 24/7 expert legal advice and Employment law advice.

  • Risk assessment of the site conducted. Method statements. 

  • Health and Safety Awareness, adhere to instructions/risk assessments/training material/incident reporting.

  • Maintenance reporting in line with the clients requirements and guidelines.

  • Dedicated local area manager. 

  • Uniformed and professional staff.

* (additional costs incurred) 


Contract cleaning for CQC registered facilities

We follow the procedures outlined below to ensure that the service we provide is guided by the CQC Regulation 15: Premises and equipment* (Infection control and Cleanliness guidance).

(excluding equipment)*


Documentation and Policies:

In order to maintain a high quality service we devise cleaning specifications for each area of the site. We clearly specify the frequency and intensity of cleaning in each area. Furthermore, Method statements are available for cleaning staff to guide them on the right materials and supplies (colour coded) needed for each area, as well as instructions detailing how to perform each task. We also keep cleaning guides for each area on site for our cleaning staff to refer to if necessary. All cleaning staff are trained on site and are familiar with cleaning practices.

We devise a daily cleaning specification and a monthly deep cleaning specification. We clearly identify the different areas that require cleaning in our contract on each site, so that our cleaning operatives are fully informed. The daily cleaning specification is signed on a daily basis as the tasks are completed in each area of the premises. We also have an Infection Control and Health and Safety policy that all staff strictly adhere to in order to help maintain everyone’s health and well-being. Furthermore, a COSHH risk assessment for each chemical that is kept on site has been conducted, this is stored o site and all of our staff have access to this. Additionally, the relevant PPE for each cleaning task/chemical has also been provided for all staff on site (gloves, goggles and aprons).


We regularly conduct spot check visits to our contracted premises, in order to check cleaning standards. We visit our sites and audit our cleaning standards on a 2-4 weekly basis, and this process is also recorded on file. This is to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. Furthermore, we aim to respond to any queries/concerns by email within 24 hours, followed by a site visit within 5 working days.


All members of staff have onsite access to Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH risk assessments and our policies such as Health and Safety and Infection Control. We have also ensured that our staff have undergone Infection Control/Health and Safety/COSHH/Manual handling training. We have provided a COVID-19 risk assessment at each site.


We use disinfectants (antibacterial and virucidal) to clean our contracted premises. We use ECO friendly products. 

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Britannia Integrated Services LTD trading as BIS LTD

Britannia Integrated Services LTD  Policy
Public Liability Insurance

Fully insured.

Public and Products Liability insurance cover of up to £1, 000, 000.

Employers Liability Insurance

Fully insured. Employers Liability insurance cover of up to £5, 000, 000.

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